Domain Name Selling
50 Questions and Answers
Learn how we register and sell domain names
 and how you can do it too!
We answer the following 50 questions:
1. How do you know which names to register?
2. Where do you find those names or ideas to register them?
3. Do you use any software to come up with ideas on names to register?
4. Do you sell all the domain names you register?
5. Is it okay to send unsolicited email messages to advertise my domain names?
6. Do you only attempt to sell .COM domain names or do you do the same with other domain extensions, such as .NET or .ORG?
7. Do you immediately accept the first offer made by a potential buyer?
8. Do you also buy domain names at auction or from other domain owners?
9. What do you do if you are unable to sell a domain name you own?
10. How do you find potential buyers?
11. What is the rate of responses you get when you are trying to sell a name?
12. Do you contact potential buyers by phone or any other method?
13. What if the potential buyer calls you?
14. Are you concerned about trademark claims by the recipients of you offer?
15. Have you ever received an angry response to your offer?
16. Do you include traffic or search volume for the domain you are trying to sell?
17. What type of research do you do before you register a domain name? 
18. Do you prefer to register State + Keyword or City + Keyword?
19. Do you register domain names with hyphens?
20. Do you use a free email account, such as Yahoo or Gmail to contact clients?
21. Should I give up if I try to sell two or three names and I am unable to sell any?
22. What registrar do you use?
23. For how much do you sell a hand-registered domain name?
24. What if my price is $380 and the client offers $250?
25. Do you have a Website?
26. Do you send bulk email?
27. Can you make a living flipping hand-registered domain names?
28. How much should you invest in order to make a nice profit?
29. How does the buyer pay for the domain?
30. Do potential buyers always follow through with the purchase?
31. What if the singular and the plural are available? Which one do you register?
32. How soon after acquiring a domain do you start promoting it?
33. How soon do you actually sell the domain?
34. Am I in a disadvantage if I do not live in the U.S.?
35. What do you do with names that never sold?
36. Which keywords are a good or safe investment?
37. What about names with the city after the keyword, as in
38. Do you prefer to target small or large businesses?
39. How do you contact the individual you are trying to reach?
40. In which U.S. cities have you found the largest number of buyers?
41. If you do not get a response from the clients you contact, do you write again?
42. Which email program and provider do you use?
43. What if I think that my hand-registered domain is worth more than $500?
44. Do you contact other domain investors trying to sell your names?
45. Are there any other criteria for the valuation of geo names?
46. What about keyword search volume? Is that part of the valuation?
47. Have you ever sold or offered more names to a previous client?
48. Do you operate as an individual or as a company?
49. What do you do right after you sell a geo name?
50. Do you get paid before pushing the domain?
We disclose our process one question at a time...
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